10 Quick Things To Do Before You Hit ‘Publish’ blog

10 Quick Things To Do Before You Hit ‘Publish’ blog
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1. Proofread for spelling mistakes, typos, spacing errors and layout errors. Keep viewing your post in preview to make sure that images are where they should be and your layout hasn’t gone wonky.

2. Read your post all the way through without stopping. For some reason, this is hard to do but try and resist the urge to pick at it. Now go back and correct areas where it doesn’t flow. Keep repeating this until there are no stumbling blocks. If you have time, put it away for 24 hours and then go back to read it again. We get so close to what we write that we stop seeing errors. Having an enforced break can help you to zero in on previously unseen areas that need work.

3. Check the best times for posting to social media. If you pay for Buffer, you can use their Optimal Timing Tool. This shows you the most active times on your own social media sites. Buffer very helpfully tells you the best times to post. Or you can take a look at this Infographic which shows you the best times to post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

4. Create the best Tweet that you can with a knockout image, tweet it and then pin it to your profile to maximize exposure. Choose the post that you want to pin, click on the three grey dots (which will turn blue when you hover over them) to access the dropdown menu and then click on “Pin to your profile page.”

5. Make your blog posts into PDF files and upload them to sites such as Sites like Slideshare, and Scribd. If you choose to use Scribd, be careful that your content does not contain promotional marketing information. These three sites have huge audiences so for a few minutes work, you could get a lot of interest.

6. Add a link from your most popular posts to your new content. To do this, go to your analytics program and look for the most popular pages on your website. Only look at what has been the most popular for the last month or so because doing an all-time search may skew your results.

7. Keep an eagle eye on your comments box. Make sure that you answer every single comment. This keeps your readers feeling valued – which they are – but also doubles your comment count.

8. Ask for a retweet. This is an area where some people have no problem in asking for a RT and others squirm in discomfort at the thought of being so pushy. However it makes you feel, the evidence is there that this works.

9. Make your visuals worthy of going viral. Make them humorous, informative or surprising. Memes are great for this.

10. Create a file for all of the images in your post. This will save you a lot of time when you’re ready to put them onto Pinterest or Tumblr – or both.

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