6 Reasons To Choose Joomla CMS in 2019

6 Reasons To Choose Joomla CMS in 2019
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Typically WordPress is used more as a blogging platform and Joomla is used more for static and corporate websites. They are easily expandable both in terms of design and functionality. Joomla is used across a variety of sites. It is very diverse and it offers a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to design. It’s used by over 30 million websites. Choosing a content management system for website is a crucial and not a decision to be taken lightly. Joomla is based on Open source is a development model philosophy. That’s one of the reasons of its success. In this article you will discover six reasons that answer why Joomla is the best software to build websites.

Includes the most common features

Once you install Joomla your website will be ready to support SEO, contact forms, RSS, blog, media, multi-language etc. Experienced users may need one minute to do the installation in 45 minutes to publish the content. That means a ready working website in less than one hour. Which are the platforms make possible best performance for free.
Its have more than 9000 actively developed extensions; these are being actively developed and constantly updated. If your clients need more than one template style on their site, then it’s easily managed. Joomla gives you complete control of your visual presentation of your website, if you need more there is more.

Extensions directory

If you need more, Do a quick search in the extensions directory, and find the right piece of software to match your needs. Joomla is the first choice when it comes for commerce site, membership site, gallery site, directory site etc, but it need some coding knowledge. And you will also get lots of great extensions to increase security. For Modules, Plugins, Templates and languages, you can look at the module manager. Joomla comes with a lot of built in modules.
There are five kinds of extensions in Joomla, Components, Modules, Plugin, Templates and Languages and you can find a lot of more from this.

Supported by volunteers

The open source matters are an honest effort to create software to share with the world. The code is build and maintain but many people volunteer donate their time skills and knowledge. The fashion volunteer is printed by contributing with the code design support bold in training marketing is very positive. The power of a community is based on the people who support it.

Joomla is international

you can build websites not only in English but you can do so in Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, French and many other languages. The list of available languages is huge so there is no better alternative.

Well coded

The framework behind is well organized to keep every layer in place by implementing the model-view-controller standard which is MVC. Having that level of separation is important when you need to create your own extensions or customize the design. For example modify the code for the view by doing template overrides without touching the logic. That means flexibility in a safe way. You have access to three types, components, create and manage the main content of the page. Modules train and manage blocks of content audio component, and plugging, add extra features to the company and modules.

Stunning and simple to use admin area – Dashboard or admin area of Joomla is very simple and very easy to manage.

Your website will be safe

Joomla has regular security updates like any content management system. Joomla employs two factor authentication if you turn it on allow your site administrators to really keep their security safe. Its use hashed and salted passwords for all of its authentications. If you keep your joomla site to the latest version, it takes security very seriously. If it gets hacked, more than like someone that password has been bridged, or the server itself has an issue.

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