Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips 2019 – Earn $300 / day from Amazon by Affiliating

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips 2019 – Earn $300 / day from Amazon by Affiliating
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In this Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tips article, you will know how you can increase your affiliate marketing sales. Whether you are an affiliate marketer for Clickbank products like you’re promoting other companies products and services. Some time you’re partnering with the company to promote those products using affiliate marketing and you’re obviously here because you want to know how you can increase your affiliate marketing sales. Right now I’m going to give you five tips, five things that I personally do in my business to increase my affiliate sales. So lets start to know the best Affiliate Marketing Tips to grow your sales.

Don’t send traffic to your potential customers directly

if you’re promoting another company’s products or services don’t send traffic to your potential customers directly to that offer or to that product. Create some sort of like bridge page, do a video where explain to people why that product is going to give them value. What benefits are in it.  Show your face and put yourself out there so that people are building a relationship with you. before they even ever get to the product. If they trust you they’re going to be more inclined to buy that product from you so always if you’re promoting an affiliate product always have a bridge page basically a video maybe like a two three minute video introducing that product to your traffic. So that’s huge.

Reviewing products – Affiliate Marketing

Now we do this a lot. We actually review tons and tons of products. If you with a particular company or promoting a company, make a video and review blog.  Make a genuine and honest review of that product, and showing people that you yourself have purchased it.  That also goes very good effect on affiliate marketing.  Because one thing you never want to do is, promote a product that you yourself haven’t purchased. It actually gives value and it built some sort of benefits for people.  so do a review show like the back office and tell them why you joined and why you’re promoting it. People want to know like what your personal reason.

Do a comparison video or review

So people love to see comparisons. Tell them, why this business is unique from all the other businesses out there.  People want to know what makes your particular product or business that you’re partnering with, different from all the other businesses and products out there. Do it genuine and honest review. now let’s say that you know you’re with a company and then there’s another really big competitor in the market right do a review of both of those and compare them and give genuine and honest feedback on both of those companies. Believe me you’ll be surprised how many people are going to actually like respond to that. Because they see that you’re being genuine and you’re really trying to help them make a smart decision.

Giving them something special

There are so many people out there that are promoting the same thing that you are. Why should people join you?  Not the other hundreds of people out there. Because you are giving them something special and unique. If you always want to offer a bonus or offer Like, you can tell people hey if you sign up through me I’ll do a free strategy session for 30 minutes. Or you give them a great discounted price.  That’s going to really add value to them that other people aren’t doing. Always remember one thing, do what others aren’t and willing to do and you’ll get the results that others don’t get.  This is huge, if you keep that in mind and you always think about how you can be different; you’re going to see success.

Build an audience for Affiliate Marketing

build your own audience. build your own list. There’s a lot of people what they do is you know they start promoting of products and businesses. And they’ll start driving traffic directly to that that companies landing page or website. Going to continue building a relationship with that contact and potentially selling them.  not only that current business or products but future businesses and products. Build audience from social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn can be your best choice. Even make a Review blog and make a subscription list for this.

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