10 Impotent things to do right after launching a WordPress website

10 Impotent things to do right after launching a WordPress website
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In this special article we will discussed about recommend things to do right after launching a WordPress website. And also favorite plugins you can use for free to boost your overall WordPress experience.

Index your Website

Number one thing you need to do is allow Google to index your WordPress website. And Automatically WordPress sets this up correctly during its installation. Look at the checkbox labeled “discourage search engines from indexing” is unchecked or not. Find it on Reading section of setting page.

Google Analytics  [tracking and marketing tool]

Google Analytics is a website tracking and analysis application and it play a vital role for website owners. It keep records of your audience and their behavior on your website and all it comes with detailed information. About everything related to your site’s page and audience who comes to site. Such as the most viewed pages, conversion rates, the number of visits per day, bounce rates, and lots of other essential stats.  The tool is free and can be easily integrated with your WordPress website through an embedded code provided by Google.  Alternatively  you can use the plug-in like “Google Analytics” by monster insights.

Speed is King

Website Speed is one of the most improtant keys to keeping visitors on the site. No one likes to wait for a page to load, in fact if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load , 40% of people abandon.  So one solution is to install a caching plugin to reduce the overall page loading times.  I will recommend for this W3 total cache or WP super cache plugin.

Use content delivery network (CDN)

Use content delivery network.  The CDN is a solution that takes the content from your site and stores it on a network of servers around the world.  Then when someone visits to your website, they get served from the locations that are nearest to them. And they can see your site much quicker. Some of the most popular CDN provider is max CDN, CloudFlare and Amazon CloudFron. If you want something free it’s CloudFlare.

Backup plugins for WordPress website

Backup plugins will keep your site content in a safe place. In case anything bad ever happens. Then you must need to restore your website to a previously working Stage. If your site is new you don’t have much content to backup for now, but you can use this for future use.

WordPress website Security

There are a lot of bad things that can happen to WordPress site, hacker attacks malware viruses etc. Protecting your website from all that with a firewall or some kind is always a good idea.  iThemes Security  is one of the best WordPress security services out there it provides malware detection and cleanup. And monitors your site for hacks mitigates attacks and more.

Google search console

Google search console you cant ignore it when you want to rank.  It will help you optimize your site.  With Google search console you can learn about things such as  your internal link structure, external links pointing to your site any sitemap problems.  Your popular keywords the indexing status of your site, any crawl stats and errors security issues and much more.

Limit the logging events

Limit the logging attempt is a very important thing you should do right now. There are hundreds of hackers and scripts that are designed to bombard wordpress admin area and try to hack. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to limit the number of times a single user can try attempt to login, before they are locked out.  The plugin called Limit login attempts is best.

Customize your WordPress website

Create title tagline, time zone and favicon for your brand or website.  It’s very important to have an identity it will help Google to search better. First of all, just go to wordpress dashboard and then to General Settings. Also change your permalink structure is something that is friendly and describes the content of each individual page. To change the permalink structure go to settings again and then click on permalinks you will see a couple of possibilities there the best option is to use your post names in the URLs.

Sitemap XML

Sitemap XML is a file that lists all of your websites URLs. Search engines use this file to understand how your site is organized. And what sort of information is there as a result it will be easier for Google to index everything.  To make a sitemap, install a plug-in called Google XML sitemaps.

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