Best SEO Tips for 2019 Most Important Techniques

Best SEO Tips for 2019 Most Important Techniques

In this tutorial we discuss about the game-changing Best SEO Tips for 2019 for Super Fast Ranking. Get the most traffic, views, and engagement so that you can grow your SEO faster and rank higher. This tips will definitely give you an instant result.
NOTE: This is advanced SEO Tips for 2019. If you are a beginner, go our previews blog post.


Tips 1. Go big on social media

In 2019 this is most important SEO Tips. First of all, Create a Youtube, facebook, twitter and instagram page for website or blog you create. Post on a daily basis or a weekly basis wherever you’re going to be posting makes you have a timeline of how frequently are you going to do it. don’t post 10 times in one day and then one time another day. Post on them regularly. Link to them from your site & Link to your site from each account. Using this SEO Tips your site will rank fast 40%.

Maintain the best Times To Post On Social Media

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If you do a lot of business and stuff on Facebook. In this SEO Tips Article, this is my best suggestion. The best times for you to post according to “Co schedule” and the few dozen different studies on this the best times to post are 9 a.m. 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. the highest days where you can get the most engagement are the weekends so Saturday and Sunday being the highest at 32% higher engagement. Posting on Thursday and Friday gives you 18% higher engagement.

seo tips 2019

If you want to be popular on Twitter then the best day is Wednesday. Time to post is 12 p.m. 3 p.m. and still more between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. so pretty much around lunchtime 12 p.m. noon right in the middle the day at 3 p.m.

seo tips 2019

but if you want to try LinkedIn, your best day is Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, best times to post on LinkedIn would be somewhere between 7 and 8 a.m. typically ripe for work hours for a lot of people 12 p.m. right around lunchtime and 5 to 6 p.m. which I’ve said before right after people are starting to get off of work.


as the best times to post on Google+ 9 a.m. which course is like right around the beginning of work 11:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. which are right around the lunchtime hours for just about everybody those are the best times for  according to the accumulation of all these studies the best time is between 9 to 11 a.m. especially on Wednesday.


Tips 2. Use Dedicated IP Address to Boost SEO in 2019.

If you find some spammy website hosted on the same IP where the website is hosted, please take action immediately to improve SEO. Usually hosting providers share an IP address with many other domain names you can also purchase a dedicated IP address from your web host company this will help to boos SEO.

Tips 3. Use regional server location for SEO 2019.

You can boost immediately your SEO by using this technique. Search engine looks at your IP address and also server location. If website server location based in Singapore then they think this website is helpful for people living in the Singapore region. Importantly update your targeted country in web master tools.

Tips 4. Purchase hosting from a reputed or best hosing company.

May be you work very hard to get ranking and do lots of on-page or Of-page SEO. But if the quality hosting is not having the best Uptime or speed then it’s very difficult to practice the best SEO and getting rank. Check all reviews before purchasing a hosting.

Tips 5. Optimize all images and add an alt tag.

Lots of images slow down website loading speed this is bad for SEO. Compress or reduce image size and add alt tag with your targeted keyword. Try to make lightweight web pages to boost page speed to get super fast rank.

Tips 6. Participate in QNA forums

In 2019 participate in related forums also very important for SEO, because the forums generally have questions and the queries and the answers. So go to the forums which are relevant to you or that side which is like includes to your website so go there and close to your links of the web pages so that Google can recognize and give you a higher rank so search engine. Also, Participate in comments to get the best SEO results.

Best friendly QNA websites

SEO Tips       SEO Tips SEO Tips



Tips 7. Optimized website speed using a cache plugin.

Basically, caching plug-in will do for your WordPress by allowing some of those files to stay on the memory of the user’s computer. And this is trending Tips in 2019. So that as they visit website those items will load much more quickly because they’re saved on to temporary memory on their computer. That’s called caching and Search engine also like these SEO techniques. That’s one way that you can help speed up your website’s SEO performance. Allowing website pages to load more quickly. when you install word press blog, it’s quite fast but having a cache mechanism will make sure that your blog will load faster. So there is various cache plug-in available in the market. We recommend “w3 total cache” or “super cache” which are free and both have more than 1 Million active users.


Tips 8. Use CDN (Content Delivery Network) and Boost SEO.

CDN can be understood as a system of geographically spread servers located in reliable data centers throughout different regions of the world. When you use CDN for content distribution many copies are created and served to end-users from different locations based on the best route possible as a result users get your content at the best speed and performance. Obviously using this can give you some extra advantages in Ranking.

Tips 9. Optimize your mobile site speed for Best SEO Result.

In this SEO tips,  most of the time websites are opening from a smart phone.  Your website pages need to be loading faster than your competitor’s site. There are two reasons the first is related to SEO and the second is related to conversion rate so this is about both traffic and conversion. Google has recently announced that your search engine ranking is heavily affected by the speed of the website. User GTMatrix, Google page speed insight for the best result.


Tips 10. Research your headlines and description

If you optimized your headline or page description properly, you will have a very big impact on your SEO performance. Google use your title to understand your website is all about so make sure to Include your exact keyword once in your heading or title tag, Preferably the beginning of your title. Make you page Title under 60 characters.

Tips 11. Use multiple SEO tools for Research

There are up to 70 SEO tools have in the market. But we recommend 10 tools to you. In this tutorial, we only mention only these names. We make another tutorial on it because it will be too lengthy. Using this search engine optimization tools, are going to help you more effectively drive traffic and rankings for a website.
1. Keyword planner, 2. Google Trends, 3. Google search console, 4. SEM rush, 5. SpyFu, 6. Majestic, 7. MOZ, 8. LinkedIn, 9. Pitchbox, 10. Screaming Frog is the best tool. Visit Best SEO Tools 2019 post for more details.

Tips 12. Create info graphics

When information is represented in a visual format it is known as info graphic. Info graphic can save your audience from the hassle of going through information containing complicated numbers of words in 2019. If you can’t make full infographic then try to keep a maximum number of charts, picture, and graphic that will be very understandable and also attractive. By using this you can make the website more user-friendly and it also increases conversion ratio.

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress Users

This plugin is not some miraculous solution that ranks well in Google.  It’s just not. It’s going to help you with the technical aspects on the WordPress site. So that search engines are going to have a better understanding of what your website is all about. This is not magic where you just install this and suddenly you get rank.

SEOPress  Plugin-

This Plugin divided into two parts the first part with a notification center and second part with all the features. Quickly enable or disable features as you need and also manage easily, page Titles, Meta Description, Keywords and robots for each of pages. Generating sitemap is super easy with social network open graph setting. There is an option for Google analytics integration.

SEO Tips 2019


Unique & Special features:

  1. URL Redirection.
  2. Direct Social Media share.
  3. set as “no index” by separate page wise.
  4. Do follow and no follow link setup.
  5. Content Analysis.


Yoast Plugin – there is the one really simple way to do this.

This will help you on-page SEO with Yoast plugin. In these days this is really very simple if you have a WordPress blog and Yoast Plugin. Just install this and first, you need to create an XML Sitemap. They automatically generate it.  Once create a sitemap, go to webmaster tools and add this sitemap you made. Because it needs to index all of the pages. Just make an attractive Title tag and meta description. Don’t make Meta title tag and page or post title same.  And this plugin is best and it has more than 1M active users with sharp 4.9 star rating at present.


Bonus Tips for 2019

Install SEOquake Tool to your browser (One Stop Solution for analyze)
This tool will save your time in many case of analyze. You can analyze website and as well as search engine results page using this plug-in and also improve architecture of a page. It’s free.


Focus on Backlinks like network opportunity

Backlinks are like network opportunity; this is incoming links to a web page. In other word basically, when a web page links your site, it gives your website a higher chance of gaining a domain authority. And DA (Domain Authority) is one of the most important ranking factors inside of Google. We have researched over thousands of websites where the top ranked websites always have a really good link portfolio. Creating high quality content is a part of SEO process but If don’t created, and then it’s very difficult to rank. To get quality backlinks is so hard because everybody wants them.

Guest Post for a Blog

In guest post, someone writes posts for other people blogs and then they are linking back your site in the author bio. So find some relevant blogs that are in your niche and then you can reach out the blog owners and pitch them your unique idea. Now there are few problems with this, over the past few years blog owners have been getting inundated with really spammy blog post request. So 99% of requests are ignored just because of these are coming from the really unpredictable article and they are only looking for a link. So we suggest finding some blogs which are actually doing still accept guest post only from relevant to your niche.

How to find those blogs that actually do still accept guest post

First of all, find someone in your industries who writes a lot of guest post, I suggest finding them on twitter. Then just copy the profile image URL (By right click) and paste that URL into Google reverse image search. Then the results will all the pages where that photo appears. Because every time they write guest posts, that image is usually showing up in the bio section.

So that’s a really best way to find your opportunities but so how do you pitch them your idea in a non spammy way. Don’t try to take shortcuts and write a unique proposal email to everybody. Make sure every time you reach out to a blog owner.

Link roundup

A link roundup is essentially when a website publishes a curated collection of websites or resources that their audience may find interesting. So they often centre it around a specific topic, or for a given time period, for example, a weekly or a monthly roundup post. There are various types of roundups and nearly every industry and the sector has somebody doing something like this. So some of the factors around roundups that you have to bear in mind is generally you’re going to need good content to get on a roundup. The owner of that website does not want rubbish content on their roundup post. The better the content is that they’ve curated for the audience, the more the audience will trust them, so it’s in their best interest to only have good content on there. Don’t need to direct the audience directly to a sales funnel or an opt-in page, unless they are okay with it.

Avoid keyword stuffing and Meta Keywords

Mata keywords are meant as a description of the topics for the page contents. Problem is search engines don’t use this anymore. It does not help search engine performance anymore; in fact, it tells your competitors what keywords you are looking for. Second is keyword stuffing, even today you will see some pages, where they use one word many times. Search engines are smart these days, they know what you are doing and possibly get penalized, so avoid keyword stuffing.

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If you find some interesting facts about SEO, Please share my article with friends who want to Rank better. You can leave comments, it will defiantly motivate me. Thanks a lot and I really appreciate your time. Thanks, Have a great day.

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