5 Ways to Build Backlinks to your Blog

5 Ways to Build Backlinks to your Blog

In this Blog we learn about Best Ways to create backlinks for website or Blog. Building Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in SEO, but unfortunately building backlinks I one of the hardest things to do. With just about everything in SEO, it comes down to trial and error to find out where your time is best spent.
I put together some of my favorite ways to build backlinksbased on what has worked the best for me at SEO Align. I would recommend trying each one to find out which one works best for you.

1. Broken Link Building

Broken link building can be time consuming, but when done right, it can be one of the best ways to build backlinks. Broken link building is when you find broken links on websites you want a link from, and then pitch them your resource to replace that broken link.
The thing I like about broken link building is that you are providing them with value as opposed to just asked for a link. From my experience, website owners are thankful that you pointed out their broken link and this gives you a better chance of earning that link.

No website owner wants to have their visitors land on a broken link, and they will want to get that broken link replaced as soon as possible. Since you are providing them with a resource than can replace that link, it makes thing as easy as possible for the website owner. They don’t even need to find a resource to replace the broken link. The hard part about this is finding the opportunities, but it’s not too difficult if you have an Ahrefs or SEMRush account.

How to do it

There are many ways to use this strategy, but I am just going to go over my favorite. In Ahrefs, they have what is called the Content Explorer. This allows you to search specific topics and find content on that topic. What I love about this is that you can filter the results to show pages that lead to a 404 error.
After applying that filter, you can view all the 404 pages on a specific topic and see all the sites that are linking to that page. This means that you can reach out to all those websites that are linking to this page that leads to a 404 error. Depending on the topic you search, you can find so many opportunities this way.

Another thing
Another thing you can do is search a specific website on Ahrefs and then click the “Best by Links” option on the left side. This will give you the pages on that site that have the most links. After that, you can filter the results to only show 404 pages. So now you have a list of that websites’ 404 pages that have the most links. From there, you can reach out to the websites linking to this broken page.

2. Competitors’ Links

This is Best way to create backlinks for blog,  is to get links from the same websites as your competitors. You can go after websites linking to your direct competitors, but what I am referring to is getting links from your ranking competitors.
This is the first strategy I use when trying to build backlinks to my pages. I take the websites that are ranking in the top ten for the keywords I am targeting and try to get the same links they have.
This does take some time to try to analyze their links to determine how they got these links. You need to ask yourself how it looks like they got that link. Does it look like they did a guest post on that site? Is it a resource page where their link is included? Finding out how they got the link will help you get that link as well.

How to do it

It’s not always easy to get these links, but as everything else in link building, it always comes down to a numbers game. Once you are able to have a process for trying to get these links, you will find more and more success with this strategy.
The first thing I do is search a keyword in Ahrefs. This will show me all the websites ranking in the top ten for that keyword.In addition, it also shows you every backlink that page has.I normally go into each of these results and export their list of backlinks. Before I do that, I normally filter one backlink per domain, because I don’t need to try to get multiple links from the same website.

Analyze these links
After that I go through and analyze these links.I do my best to determine how my ranking competitor got this link, and how I might be able to replicate it.I usually put them into two categories: Outreachand Guest Post.If I truly don’t know, I will find the contact’s email and pitch them my page and why they should link to it.If it looks like they got the link from a guest post, I will ask the website if they would consider accepting a guest post.
Something to keep in mind is you won’t get a response from everyone, and you will get a lot of replies saying that they are not interested. As I mentioned though, it is a numbers game.If you send out 100 emails, you will probably get at least a few links back to your page.

3. Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to grow your blog. In some cases, you can also get some links back to your website with your guest posts. I think guest posting is great way to get links because you are providing the website with something in return for the link.You need to make sure the article you write is a high-quality article, otherwise this can negatively impact your reputation, and the website owner won’t want to post your article.
The nice thing about getting links through guest posting is that website owners are more likely to give you that link if you are giving them something in exchange. If you just asked the website owner to give you a link, most likely they will not want to do this since they are not getting anything out of it. The downfall is that it does take some time to write high-quality guest posts, so this can be time consuming.

How to do it

The best way to do this is to first build a list of websites that you would like a link from.From my experience, the best websites you can reach out to are websites that established, but are not necessarily well-known, popular companies.
Although it is great to get links from well-known companies, it is very hard to do. These websites get pitched to so often that you will most likely not hear back from them.

Domain authority
If you are looking at domain authority, I would recommend reaching out to websites in the 20-50 range. These are sites that have enough authority to give the link weight, but they aren’t too high to where you are wasting your time reaching out to that site.
The next thing you need to do is find the website owner’s contact information and ask them if they would be willing to accept a guest post. Many website owners don’t have time to write content, so they will welcome free content on their site, and then you get a backlink. Guest posting is one of my favorite ways to build backlinks.

4. Promote Content on Social Media

This strategy isn’ta direct method of link building, but it can still be effective. By promoting your content on social media, more people will see it, which means more people will want to link to it.
This is where building a presence on social media can really help you. It’s much easier to get your first few links to new content when you have a big social media following to promote you content to.

How to do it

There aren’t too many secrets as to how to actually promote your content on social media.The first thing that needs to be in place is that you need to have a really well written article that provides real value.Since you won’t even be asking for a link with this strategy, it’s important that your content is worthy of a link
In order for this strategy to work, people are going to have to read your content and then want to link back to it from their own site.Once the content is published, you can make a post to social media letting your followers know about your new content

5. Reach out to website owners in same industry

Getting links from websites in the same industry helps your rankings more than getting links from sites in a different niche. It can help you out a lot to build relationships with other website owners in your industry.
This is a great way to build links because they are typically going to have very similar content to your site, so there is good chance your content can supplement what they have. You have to be willing to be generous and compromise on your side as well.Providing links to their content and supporting them is a good way to earn their trust and receive some of these links.

How to do it

There isn’t one right way to use this strategy, but I like to provide value to them, so that they will want to help me out as well. For example, one strategy I use is I link to their content within my content.
After that, I will tell them that I enjoyed their content and that I linked to it within my article. This strategy works so well because you aren’t straight out asking for a link. You are just helping them out, without asking for anything in exchange.
I have had plenty of scenarios where they’re happy that I helped them out and will provide a link back to my site. It all comes down to helping other people out, because there is a good chance that they will want to return the favor.

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