Future & Scope in WordPress 2019

Future & Scope in WordPress 2019
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PHP is the leading programming language of the web, doesn’t matter where you go to it. Doesn’t matter if it is South Africa or Philippine or wherever you go. you’re always find PHP. PHP has been the dominant programming language for years and one thing that you’re going to notice as you can see below at this, how big PHP is on the web.

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Source: Similartech

Dominating over 24% of all of those websites

You can see php dominating over 24% of all of those websites and 60 70% of that is made with WordPress . Also most notable big name brands that are using WordPress. this is used everywhere when it comes to content management systems. There’s no other one like WordPress. The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg, Sony, Microsoft News Center like even Microsoft is using WordPress and they have other frameworks in content management systems. They have built CMS themselves but they still use WordPress. Whatever you’re going to see a big brand whenever they have a blog. Or a section where they need to manage content meaning blogs, images, news ,sports, whatever it’s out there, literally they’re using WordPress.

Make money with WP Websites

From the point of job or way to make money, anyone always going to find jobs when it comes to WordPress. You’re always find freelancing gigs when it comes to WordPress because the web has been PHP for the last twenty thirty years. So let’s talk about the jobs, so there’s a whole bunch of jobs out there, starts at the fresher position to senior developer. Every small or big web development company needs WordPress developers. You can always be a remote developer you don’t have to always just find a job in your area. May be as a junior or SEO specialist for WordPress, There is not a big deal to find jobs in different parts of the country.
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Source: w3techs

Market your web design services

WordPress is still here to stay more than 30% of all modern websites use WordPress. And this is from small businesses to bloggers even fortune 600 companies. And there is a scope for millions of websites that you can potentially market for your services. Whether you’re consultant or designer or developer looking to redesign or redevelop a person or business’s website. Now of course you could also just sell themes and plugins and do this on your website. Choose to sell your themes and plugins on a large marketplace. Now besides being a freelancer you could also be a remote worker. Now what is that a remote worker someone who works from home or a coffee shop or wherever and they work for a larger agency. This is becoming a very popular business model because it’s a decentralized way to run a business.

In terms of content management system

In terms of content management system is not really that much competition. And if you look at the numbers from w3, the usage of WordPress continues to go up. With 30% of all websites using WordPress, millions of websites using it to power their site. With the potential to be a consultant where you help people choose the right theme right mix of plugins or hosting solution. Also services like search engine optimization social media marketing for their website or becoming a designer and a developer or working remotely. These are all great options. But is it something you should do just because so many websites use WordPress and your potential client base is so large.

Open source and very fast

One of the huge advantages of working with WordPress it is open source and very fast to just get started with a website or a blog. Open source means it is free to use if you install it on your own server and it’s very quick and that’s why it is so popular. Because people just have a business idea or any idea and they need a website they can quickly install a version of WordPress and apply a theme against it.


Second advantage that it really has is the plugins there are so many plug-ins for WordPress. That let you extend this functionality and also pretty much every major company has a plug-in developed for this. WP really is a very strong blogging engine so you can have your own blog and accept comments from your visitors so that’s what public-facing events calendar, capture leads, sign up for newsletters. carousel slider on the website. All of those things can be done very easily. With WordPress and that’s a huge advantage plugins and most of the plugins are for free too.

WordPress Community

There are so many tutorials out there about WordPress about how you can get started easy and fast and for free. With any piece of software it is important that there is a community that supports it that is passionate about it that loves it and that it is easy to find people that help you.

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