How to improve Google ranking with better hosting

How to improve Google ranking with better hosting
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Step by stap – Best tips for improve Google ranking

In this tutorial we will give you Best tips for fast Google ranking that will improve your website’s rank instantly and also discuss how to increase google ranking for blogging websites using SEO friendly web hosting step by step. Now SEO has changed a lot and it’s going continue to change. But today we discus about basic principals about how hosting services helps your website rank higher that will be valuable for you.Today tricking Google with exact match domains or phony back links simply does not work. Before we start, check your website speed by following methods :

Step I – Increase ranking using website speed

Boost your site speed: Google has confirmed that they use your site loading speed as a ranking factor and from our experience we have discovered that site speed does effects ranking. Most people think that Google rewards you for having fast loading website, but this is not true. In our experiment we feel, Google dose not reward fast loading websites but it penalize slow loading websites. So if your site load slower than others, Google is going to demote you.

How to check your website loading speed : In “Google PageSpeed Insights” you can easily check website speed and other web pages of this site like Blogs or articles. That way you will get info about this page. And also get an analyze report that will show you where your pages code could use a tune up. You can use GTMatrix. Here you will get more accurate result for how your site loads to real life users. GTmatrix also show how you can accelerate page speed.

How to improve google ranking fast using accelerate website speed?

STEP 2 – Avoid low priced cheap quality hosting : Yes! Our first recommendation is don’t buy low priced cheap quality hosting. They are able to sale their shared hosting at low cost just because of they are focus on only selling there product not quality of server. Slow server time kill your ranking fast. They are not maintaining their server and use very old and cheap level software on it. That’s why they can easily sell hosting at very low price. Other point is, when you call support, you get erroneous long hold time some time put on hold forever. Because they save their money on support. Its probably most expensive cost is the staff that peeks up the phone to help people or some time they hire some inexperienced staff who are unable to solve your problem even sometime they ignore your problem. This is a nightmare. This type of companies definitely take advantage of you in cost because they know that you know nothing about their infrastructure, quality and support system.

Please do yourself a favor don’t go with low cost cheap quality web hosting.

STEP 3 – Using dedicated IP : In shared hosting, there are lots of websites are stored in same server and located in same IP. If there is some spammy websites on one IP address where your site is stored and then this is very harmful because spammy websites effects the ranking of other sites hosted in same server. In dedicated IP, your website will store in only one IP. So using these you will get some extra advantage for ranking & keep site spam free.

Bonus Point – Improve google ranking fast

STEP 4 – Hosting Location: This is one of the major fact of Google ranking. Google look at the IP address of your web server. So if your server located in India, then Google think, this is useful for Indian users. And also they look at the TLD (Top Level Domain) like .in, .fr, .de . And using this you will get extra speed to open website just because of location of server.

STEP 5 – Server uptime : if your website is down for many times then it’s impossible to get rank. Because Google don’t want to send users to a website that’s actually down. Down time of your website indicates ranking down. If you want to avoids this please avoid low pricing cheap quality webhosting servers and upgrade your hosting to a best hosting company and see the difference.

STEP 6 – SSL Certificate : this feature absolutely accelerate your ranking. SSL got introduced as a ranking factor in Aug 2014. Google ranks SSL Certified websites higher than non SSL certified websites. We have done many experiment on SSL and got this result. When you purchase this to your hosting provider, you get https in the URL Address.

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