How to start affiliate marketing – Step By Step

How to start affiliate marketing – Step By Step
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In this tutorial we discuss about How to start affiliate marketing – Step By Step. This is actually a really simple concept and a source of great passive income. Affiliate marketing is pretty much getting commissions for products that you promote. So if you bring them a customer they buy you get Commission. There are different types of affiliate marketing. You may have heard of CPA marketing which stands for Cost Per Action so that means the action could be an email signup. So if someone signs up with their email maybe you get Rs. 100 if someone a phone call maybe you get Rs.200 if someone purchases something maybe you get Rs.500 . There are different affiliate things you can promote products you can promote services you can promote courses. Here are the only 3 steps to start this.

STEP 1 – Find a niche or a market to build your online business around

This is one of the first most important steps that you have to take. You have got to identify and find the niche, the market, or the industry that you want to be in. The great thing is we live in the world of the internet where there are literally millions of options. There’s millions of niches and markets and opportunities and industries that exists. That you can build a blog, website, you can build a YouTube channel. Or your own following and presence on social media, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram. your email list in that niche and market. When you are able to attract people and build your brand in that niche and market, a little following, you get traffic and subscribers. There is so many ways to monetize that.

How to start affiliate marketing

There is so many ways that you can profit. whether that’s affiliate marketing by promoting other products and services that can solve people’s problems or meet their needs. It can be a desire that your audience might have in that niche or market. It could be creating and selling your own products. Maybe that’s physical products you might sell on Amazon. Physical products that you might create and sell yourself for private label. It might be creating and selling your own information products or digital products or books. There’s so many different ways. Maybe even creating your own service. Maybe there’s a service that you can provide that you can solve people’s problems. And meet their need or desire in that niche or market. Maybe it’s creating software or different tools and resources that can benefit people. Every niche and market’s different.

Choose your niche – start affiliate marketing

Every niche and market will have its own strategy of how to build it up and how to actually profit. Because each one will have a little bit of a different business model to go with it. Start it now by asking yourself what’s a passion or an interest that you have. If you really want to go deep, take out a pen and paper, open a new document in your computer. Write out everything that you can think of that is a hobby for you, or an interest, or something that you’re passionate about. Because if you can build your online business and you actually have an interest or a hobby or a passion associated to it.

Some type of niche – you can try

There’s so many different ways you can market and attract people and make money in that space. Maybe it’s building muscle mass. Maybe it’s SEO related if you love Technology. Maybe it’s traveling the world and you can build a business. There’s millions of people that all love these things. Millions of people search for weight loss every month. Millions of people search online and are interested in gaining muscle mass or cooking. There’s millions of people that want to build their own garden. They’re looking to learn from other people and follow other people. Maybe look for different products and services that might exist in that niche and market. Maybe it’s sports.

STEP 2 – Get Affiliate link

There are so many affiliate programs in the world. Today we discuss about Amazon affiliate program as an example. So lets start.
If you are want to create Amazon affiliate links for people to click on and then if they purchase something. You’ll receive a commission Amazon affiliate program is the program for you with a program that allows you to place links on your blog. Also your video descriptions on YouTube or anywhere that you have a place on your website. And will allow you to advertise to your viewers or your audience and allow them to shop on Amazon like they normally would click on a link. Then you get commission for each purchase they make.

So let’s talk about getting the links and setting up the links for your website or blog or for your video descriptions in YouTube how do we do that. The first thing you need to do is sign up for an Amazon Associates page. Basically Amazon Associates go through the process you know make sure you provide them with your bank account information. Some information provided for taxes things like that and then once you’re done with the signup process you’ll be able to see back end.
After logged in you can find some product link. Copy and pest your blog or your land page. Also you can see product linking you can go to banners which will be the other most recommended link to provide or add to your landing page.

STEP 3 – Get traffic sources

Here are my top ten at free traffic sources for affiliate marketers

1 – YouTube

This is very easy to create some videos and get traffic to your websites if you’re not using YouTube we recommend this. A lot of traffic out there YouTube videos get great search engine rankings and there’s a ton of traffic floating around on YouTube itself.

2 – Facebook

Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups have highly targeted visitors. create a Facebook fan page on the niche that you are selling in. If you post some quality content on your Facebook fan page, that people will like and share because they love it. So Building up a Facebook fan page is a great
traffic source strategy.

3 – Blog Posting

Blogging is going to be a consistent reliable traffic source for many many years to come so always build a blog for your affiliate marketing business even if you sell your own products a blog is always very useful for some tips on there create good content just like you do with your YouTube videos embed YouTube videos on your blog embed embed images all kinds of fun stuff on your blog to enhance it alright now to launch your blog one tip that you want to do is post one thing every day for the first 60 days that you. Create a blog this will push your blog past that point where most people give up Google loves this if you’re consistently putting stuff out there especially your first month or two, Google is going to give you some extra benefits right there.

4 – Reddit

Reddit is a crazy traffic source if you’re able to get past the moderation in there all right so here are some two things to help you out with that one post good stuff do not spam your site all the time so what you want to do is create an account on reddit and use it for some time you might have one as is so use your reddit account post on all kinds of different stuff out there and every once a while drop links to your YouTube videos and your blogs all right so.

5 – LinkedIn

Linkedin is a advanced applications tell people who you are, who you helped, and how you have them and really just share your story throughout your entire profile. reaching out to new people that you want to connect with people in your industry other leaders people in your local market the more you connect with interesting people people you don’t know. So this is also a good source of traffic.

There are many social media like Instagram, Tumblr, you can use to get traffic.

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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for such great post and information. I would like to ask you about something that you discussed in the article, affiliate marketing startup.
    I am an blogger myself and it’s been over a year that i got fully engaged with my contents and built nice followings and traffic and that helped me a lot earn a little through adsense but it is not cutting it.
    It crossed my mind many times about integrating with affiliate marketing but i was waiting for right moment, and now when i have the traffic built up and trusted following, i feel like i should start promoting products related my niches now. But finding the products of different niches in one place/platform or even getting approved in and program that might just refuse the starter is hard.
    I’ve been searching and found this program here in UK that is offering those kinda services and stores data with free CMS tools and 100% commission on sales which caught my eye and i feel like i should try joining them but that would be nice to gain some advise from some professionals on this. any suggestions or recommendations are welcomed.
    Thank you in advance

  2. She built a simple blog-based website offering valuable information on dating online shops.
    The full progression of getting links utilizing websites
    can span a challenging period in time.

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