Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Increase Audience

Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Increase Audience
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In this post we telling you our top 10 must have WordPress Plugins and use this to websites made easy on all of our own websites. You should be looking to try these plug-in’s as they will really benefit your business, grow your audience and drive more traffic to website. Read this post carefully step by step as we take you through each plug-in explaining how they work and the benefits. Every plug-in in our top 10 is completely free. So let’s start.


1. PB SEO Friendly Images

This small size plug-in improves traffic from search engines which is exactly what we want. This Must Have WordPress Plugin automatically updates all your images on your website with proper alt and title attributes for SEO purposes. These attributes are important part of search engines optimization because images will help boost results in the search engine ranking with Google. But Google can’t look inside image and see what it is; you have got to tell it. This is extremely effective especially when users search for images.


2. WordPress Social Share

A super cool plug-in, using this you can put all social icons at the top and bottom of post and pages for mainly sharing and bookmarking purpose. As well as having a floating share bar and you can use customization with short codes or some preset styles come with it. So people visiting your website can easily like and share your content to friends and social media. We found it to be a vary powerful plug-in to use.


3. Contact form 7

Using to add contact form to website. There are many plug-in are used for this but we select this because of its flexibility and simple to use. We will briefly discuss on it in our upcoming post. This is one of the Must Have WordPress Plugins.


4. WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO has changed a lot and it’s going to continue to change but there is some basic principles that will be valuable to you because SEO or ranking in Google is game changing for any business. Three thing you have to do for good ranking, 1. Creating great content regularly 2. You need to optimize that content using WordPress SEO plug-in called yoast and create a sitemap using this and send the search engins 3. Create quality audience. Yoast is the unique plug-in for SEO it is super simple and easy to optimize content, Meta description, Page title and keywords.


5. SumoMe

we all work hard to get people to visit our site, this lightbox plug-in makes sure that your visitors subscribe to your email list and come back for more. It detects the exact moment when visitors are going to leave and immediately a light box pops up asking for the visitors email address. This can be a game changer for your business. It also help you to decrease Bounce rate of your site and engage visitors for more time.


6. Google XML Sitemaps

Search engines use sitemap to index your website, it allows them to know the names of the URLs or pages. You must have this for SEO or ranking. It’s very easy to do with a plug-in.


7. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

We start from Google analytics. It’s the tracking code that from Google, If put in website it can tell where your site visitors coming from, what browser and device are used, Location, Keywords and many more. You can also do this in WordPress website and post using this plug-In. it gives a little mini Google analytics dashboard inside of your wordPress admin dashboard. It’s like Google Analytics into WordPress. In SEO you need to track every data and this will give all information about every single post and page.


8. iTheme Security

Security should be the first priority should be the first priority for every website or blog no matter how big or small this plug-in is going to make your wordpress site much more secure preventing hackers from breaking into your content and stealing confidential information or even deleting your website entirely. This have multiple layers of security.


9. Updraft Plus

In case anything happens on your server or if website crashes you can restore it easily. This is best plug-in for backup. Download this and schedule regular backups every week you can also link with a free Dropbox account so that your backups automatically get sent to Dropbox account.


10. Anti-Spam [Must Have WordPress Plugins – Bonas]

To build a good blogging site you mast prevent spammy comments. This is true that most annoying thing about WordPress, is the comment section. Of course there is a very famous estimate plug-in which is made by automatic comes pre-installed in your WordPress website which is Akismet Anti-Spam. But using this plug-in you will able to remove comment spam forever and it takes about 10 to 20 seconds. Once installed you will never have spam again. Get installed and say good bye to spam.

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