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SEO Company in Kolkata

SEO Service is the most responsible service and If you are already using this from any company and your website dose not rank in Google then you are wasting your time and money. Because most of the website designers have no idea how to optimize your site for SEO and 90% of the SEO companies have no idea what they are doing. Because of they only focus on their products not your business.

As a SEO Company in Kolkata, we are going to share the basic facts about SEO & How this actually works & What our SEO Company is doing. You really need to know.

SEO and digital marketing is important

Our experience as SEO Company in Kolkata, Today 90% consumer search the internet before buying a new product or service. If your business does not appear in the search then you are losing lots of customers. When someone search their query, then the SEO system collect information from every websites on the internet and help people to find exactly what they are looking for. When your website use SEO and get higher ranking in search results, It helps buyer / customer to find you. To get higher rank, your website must have a genuine SEO service.

How SEO actually works

As Best SEO company in Kolkata we disclose How it actually works, First you need to know how search engine decide, how to ranks your website? Search engines have to index and rank 100 of millions of pages. To do this they crawl websites in order to collect data about the sites. By doing this, search engines gather all kinds of data or links from a page. Search engines like Google use algorithm to analyze a website to determine how relevant it is to a particular search terms and how popular it is with users through SEO Service. There algorithm help them to deliver the best result possible to their users.

As SEO Company, How exactly can we help you with Online marketing?


First of all

Our SEO company will analyze your current website from a marketing prospective using our best strategy. Which is :
How many visitors comes to your site.
What devices to they come from.
What is the real goal of your website.
This will allow us to optimize your website to fulfill its real purpose.


Another great way

To make you more visible to the rest of the world is to active in social media. We will choose the network suitable for your business and develop a custom strategy to reach your fans. And monitoring & maintaining good reputation for your company.



SEO Will be defiantly follow. So we take a lookout what keyword will make your business more searchable.What links point to your website. And, most importantly what can we do with the actual website contents. That should get you a better position on search engines result pages using SEO.



Our SEO Company can consider other marketing channels like Email marketing, PPC, Mobile marketing in our SEO services.


why we are Best SEO Company in India

As a SEO Company, we get you to the 1st page of Google guaranteed, No matter what you sell or what is the size of your business & Who your competitor is

  • 100% Guaranteed ranking in google.
  • Very low cost & Free consultation
  • 100% latest technique.
  • We help grab business through a Online Marketing.
  • A combination of On page & social media campaigns.
  • Search strategies for international markets.
  • Also provide best Local SEO Service for your Company.
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting.
  • Our company always find relevant link building sources.

Some of our unique features

Digital marketing strategies going in 2017. There have been lot of changes even in the past 6 months. So what we are offering? A free consulting and will give full audit report on current Web. We will show what kind changes of your web actually needs to get a good ranking and get visitors. We will also research and analys, Targeted market, Brands, past marketing campaigns, competitors, and industries. And it’s completely free and there is no secrete or hidden cost.

We are not just Marketing Company, We are more of a Search Engine marketing agency. We understand Online marketing is worthless if it’s not producing new revenue or getting you return on your investment. So we create win / win situation to ensure that you get a positive ROI. Our marketing consultants help small business to get new customers by making sure that Google know that they exist.

As a business owner, your main goal is increase your revenue. So at first we pick up the industry related right keyword. Keyword research is the most important part. Because right keyword will give you the advantage of getting lots of visitor to your website. Here is the another important methods to Rank higher.

  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Create Quality Content and Backlink
  • On page and Off page Setup
  • Effective Social media campaign


Wait a Second, We know your are now expecting something Special results. Ok, All the keywords given our Ranking Portfolio are ranked in Google's first page.
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