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Some facts about website design

The main purpose of a website is turning the visitor to a customer. In the marketing terms this is called conversion. Many people in the industries called them web designer but they are really works with some basic coding knowledge. Of course without much planning they will quickly create a website for you with lots of information, photos & contacts, but the question is, is that the way to turn visitors into your customers. Is that what you need? The answer is simple, NO! What you have to do is look for someone serious about web design. Well , that’s why we come in.

This is how we make websites by this 7 phase web designing process


First step of web design – Analysis :

Identify your website purpose, website goals & target audience.


Third step of web design- Designing

That only so we focus on, Wireframe models, visual style & usability , UI, UX for the best possible user experience.


Fifth step of web design- Development

Here we actually create a website using the HTML & CSS coding to somehow from database and other technology as well. If you want, we create the website responsive for all devices.


Seventh step of web design- Deployment

After we launch the website our job is not done yet. We monitor what happening after the start, Bug fixers, and if you want we can also manage those features maintain and update for you.


Second step of web design- Planning

A planning includes Sitemaps, website structure, technology used


Fourth step of web design- Content

A very important part of this process is the choosing the write text content, photos, videos and quality content for SEO.


Sixth step of web design- Testing

We test all the technical features like, coding scripts, compatibility with major browsers. We also ask yourself if the website really fulfill its porpose?



Finally your website is ready to perform.

Our specialty as a Web design company

As you have seen web design is a very complex process but we believe this is how website should be done because your online presence starts from website. Lets get in touch. we will be happy to help you with what we do best.

  • Our main focus is to build a strong online presence for your company.
  • Website Design starting from Rs. 499 (No Hidden Cost )
  • High Quality Website Design
  • Code will be given with Control Panel
  • One Stop Web Solutions Service
  • A truly leading SEO company in India!
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